CAN-Hacker 3.0

CAN-Hacker 3.0 

CAN-Hacker3.0 photo


It is a universal USB-CAN interface based on STM32 MCU with two chanels of CAN bus. It has common-choke filters and 120-Ohm terminators.

CAN-Hacker 3.0 is fully compatible with CAN-Hacker2.0 software from We are working for creation our software.

With CAN-Hacker you can work wit automotive data buses, get and decoding the information. Besides you can send your data packets.

Supported CAN baudrates:

33.333 Single-wire CAN \ GMLAN  For Opel, Chevrolet, and Honda Single-wire CAN

83.333 Low Speed CAN in the Mercedes-Benz

Standart speed: 50,100,125,250,500, 1000 kbit/s

CAN-Hacker 3.0 can be updated via the internet. Besides you can install additional program modules, KIA-Coder – for example

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