CAN-Coder option for CAN-Hacker 3.2 \ CH-P



CAN-Coder software option for working with KIA\HYUNDAI

Full Description

Main functions:

  • CLU (Instrument cluster) EOL variant coding. Your car should support this function.
  • Reading\Writing a CLU EEPROM dump for VDO\Continental clusters
  • Odometer calibration for VDO\Continental clusters
  • Service interaval and Service type programming
  • BCM functions programming (cars since 2018, for cars without ICU )

Supported interfaces


CAN-Coder activation

  • If you bought your interface with this option – you don’t need to activate it.
  • If you bought this option after you bought your interface: 
    1. Send to us your interface serial number
    2. We will send to you an activation code
    3. Use the UBT utility for entering the activation code.
      (See your interface documentation)


Tested on:
If the instrument cluster is Denso, only EOL coding is available

  • HYUNDAI Tucson 2015..2020
  • HYUNDAI Сreta
  • HYUNDAI SantaFe Only VDO
  • HYUNDAI Solaris up to 2019
  • HYUNDAI Sonata VDO\Continental …2020
  • HYUNDAI Verna
  • KIA Ceed 2012…2018
  • KIA Ceed CD (>2018. Only EOL Coding, directly to CAN-C twisted pair connection)
  • KIA Optima \ K5 JF 2016…2020
  • KIA Optima \ K5 >2020 (Needed a CAN-C Directed connection)
  • KIA Sportage   (Sportage-4 Color display instrument cluster  only EOL programming)
  • KIA Sorento only VDO clusters
  • KIA Soul only monochrome VDO clusters  <2019
  • KIA Soul EV-1
  • KIA Stinger (only directed C-CAN connection to the instrument cluster,  OBD conenction isn’t supported)