CH-OBD.M02 +CAN Coder



CAN interface witn the activated CAN-Coder option.

Attention! This device doesn’t work like a CAN\LIN Analyzer.


Main functions:

  • CLU (Instrument cluster) EOL variant coding. Your car should support this function.
  • Reading\Writing a CLU EEPROM dump for VDO\Continental clusters
  • Odometer calibration for VDO\Continental clusters
  • Service interaval and Service type programming
  • BCM functions programming (cars since 2018, for cars without ICU )


Tested on:

If the instrument cluster is Denso, only EOL coding is available

  • HYUNDAI G70  
  • HYUNDAI Tucson 2015..2020
  • HYUNDAI Сreta
  • HYUNDAI SantaFe Only VDO
  • HYUNDAI Solaris up to 2019
  • HYUNDAI Sonata VDO\Continental …2020
  • HYUNDAI Verna
  • KIA Ceed 2012…2018
  • KIA Ceed CD (>2018. Only EOL Coding, directly to CAN-C twisted pair connection)
  • KIA Optima \ K5 JF 2016…2020
  • KIA Optima \ K5 >2020 (Needed a CAN-C Directed connection)
  • KIA Sportage   (Sportage-4 Color display instrument cluster  only EOL programming)
  • KIA Sorento only VDO clusters
  • KIA Soul only monochrome VDO clusters  <2019
  • KIA Soul EV-1
  • KIA Stinger (only directed C-CAN connection to the instrument cluster,  OBD conenction isn’t supported)



  • CAN-Coder is developed for experienced users and owners of KIA \ Hyundai cars. 
  • CAN-Coder is delivered “as is”. The user is solely responsible for the results of using CAN-Coder.