CH-OBD.M02 CAN\LIN Analyzer




CAN channels: 1
LIN channels:  1
Bandwidth:  8000 frames\s

PC interface  – virtual COM port  USB2.0. Class CDC VCP


  1. CAN and LIN bus analyzing (Receive and transmit data frames)
  2. Use the free Leaf Coder option to program the instrument panels of Nissan Leaf ZE0 and AZE0 vehicles
  3. Switching on the “on the table” control units and vehicle aggregates controlled via CAN and LIN buses
  4.  CAN\LIN networks reverse engineering for vehicle repair, monitoring and telemetry tasks.

The CH-OBD.M02 interface has an OBD2 connector body which allows direct connection to the vehicle diagnostic connector OBD2.

Supplied software:

CARBUS Analyzer is a can and LIN analyzer program.
UBT is a program for downloading firmware to the interface and activating options. (Located in the CARBUS Analyzer archive)



Quick start

Firmware Flashing

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Weight 0.5 kg