Please! Read it up to the End


For firmware flashing and option activation – use UBT utility.
UBT utility is located in the CARBUS Analyzer archive.
Working in the CAN-Coder mode if this option is activated


  1. Connect your CH-OBD.M02 to the PC
  2. Start the UBT utility

  3. Click Connect

  4. Click Flash

  5. Click Disconnect


Option Activation


  1. If you bought an Additional Option, please send an interface serial number to and ask option activation.
  2. You will get an Activation Key
  3. Start UBT and click Connect

  4. Enter the Activation Key to the field and check it very carefull.
  5. Click Apply Key

  6. You should see the Activated option name in the log. window




Recovery mode

If the UBT can’t connect with the CH-OBD.M02 use a recovery mode, for it:

  1. Open a device cover
  2. Put a yellow jumper like a photo
  3. Connect USB
  4. Start UBT
  5. After flashing – remove the yellow jumper