Universal two channels CAN USB interface



  • CAN Bus analyzing (receive and transmit data frames)
  • Record\Play CAN bus logs
  • CAN bus gateway mode


  • LIN bus analyzing 
  • LIN Slave\Master node emulation


Technical characteristics:

  • Number of CAN channels CAN: 2 (-48V…+48V tolerant)
  • Bandwidth: 7000  frames per second (Depends on bus load!). 
  • TX Accuracy  16ms
  • PC connection: USB 2.0  Virtual COM Port, класс CDC
  • Additional options: LIN bus analyzer, CAN-Coder, OBD2 Cable
  • Software: CARBUS Analyzer 
  • Recommended OS: Windows 10


CAN-Hacker 3.2 is a case-less device. This device isn’t covered by the warranty.


Attached CAN cable

  • Yellow\black– CAN-Low  channel 1
  • Yellow\white– CAN-High channel 1
  • Orange\black – CAN-Low channel 2
  • Orange\white – CAN-High channel 2


Pinout description


DIP switch on the device board serves to connect terminator resistors of 120 ohm between CAN-High and CAN-Low lines. In the ON position, the resistors are connected.



CARBUS Analyzer – software for CAN and LIN buses analyzing
UBT  – firmware update utility.


Additional options:

  1. LIN bus Analyzer.  Needed activation
  2. CAN-Coder. for  KIA\Hyundai. Needed activation
  3. OBD2 Cable.

For options activation use the UBT utility  – manual