LEAF-Coder. AZE0\ZE0 instrument cluster coding utility


This software is no longer supported as of August 1, 2021.



CAN-Hacker Leaf-Coder is a simple and free utility for programming dashboards of Nissan Leaf AZE0 and ZE0 vehicles via OBD2 diagnostic connector.

To work with the Leaf-Coder program, you need to load the LeafCoder firmware using the UBT utility. The UBT utility is located in the Leaf Coder download archive, the firmware is located there in the UBT \ Firmware Files folder

Firmware name:
LeafCoder_xxxxxxxx_CR.bin (xxxxxxxx – version).
Supported: CAN-Hacker 3.2,  CH-OBD.M02, CH-P


  • Get Odo – Read current odometer data
  • Set Odo – write odometer data
  • Set language – Set instrument cluster language
  • Read EEPROM – Read instrument cluster EEPROM to the file
  • Write EEPROM – Write instrument cluster EEPROM from the file


Due to the freeness of Leaf-Coder, we do not guarantee support for this branch of the software and do not accept claims regarding the operation of the Leaf-Coder program. If you find an error, please report it and we will fix it.