Please read the instructions carefully to the end. This is important!
Close all foreign programs before programming the interface!


Firmware loading and option activation is done using the UBT utility, which is archived with the CARBUS Analyzer program in the UBT folder. The Firmware files directory contains the latest versions of the firmware interface


Before the firmware is loaded into the CAN-Hacker 3.2 interface with UBT you need to transfer the interface to Boot mode. To do this, on a disconnected device, install a jumper between the CLK and GND contacts on the XP1 connector and then connect the device to the computer.


After converting the target device to Boot mode and connecting the device to the computer, it is necessary to start the UBT utility, select the virtual COM port to which the device is connected and press Connect.
If everything is connected correctly, you will see the configuration of the device.

Regardless of the bootloader version, you can download the required firmware  into the bootloader immediately after a successful connection.

To load the required firmware,  click the REFLASH button and select the firmware file. Files of all current firmware firmware files are in the UBT utility archive.  Color selected firmware that can be loaded into the CAN-Hacker 3.2 interface

After selecting the file, the process of loading firmware into the interface will begin.

If the process is interrupted, an error message will appear. There is nothing dangerous about this. Make sure all other programs are closed (especially browsers and media players) and download the required firmware again.

After a successful firmware download, click Disconnect, disable the device from the computer, remove the Boot mode Jumper .  Then the interface can again
connect to a computer and work with the target software.

Option activation

To activate additional options you will need a key. The key is provided by the serial number of your device. The serial number is displayed on the UBT form when connected in the Serial Number field. After purchasing the option you will receive a request for the serial number from us. Sending your number to us will give you the activation key.

To activate the option, type the key provided to you in the Activation Key field.
If you are sure that the key is correctly entered, set the Key is true check box and then click Apply Key.  If the key was entered correctly, the device configuration will be programmed and read.
The record that the selected option is activated indicates that this option is allowed to run on your interface, so after activation it is necessary to load firmware with support of the option you want to work with.

For example, if you have activated the Coder option, then download the Coder_xxxxxxxx_cr.bin firmware.

If the previously loaded firmware already supports the enabled option, it does not need to be loaded again.
For example, the CH32_20200226_CANLIN_CR.bin firmware already supports working with the LIN bus, so simply enter the activation key to work with it.