Please read this instruction to the end. It is important!

Close all  programs before programming the interface!



Firmware loading and option activation is done using the UBT utility, which is archived with the CARBUS Analyzer program in the UBT folder. The Firmware files directory contains the latest versions of the firmware interface


  1.  Put the Yellow jumper between CLK and GND pins on the XP1 connector

    New 3.3 version:

    Old 3.2 Version

  2. Start the UBT utility
  3. Connect your CAN-Hacker to the PC
  4. Click Connect
  5. Click Flash.
    Firmware file:  CH32-version-CCL-C.bin
  6.  Click Disconnect. Remove the Yellow Jumper


Option activation


  1. If you bought an Additional Option, please send an interface serial number to and ask option activation.
  2. You will get an Activation Key
  3. Start UBT and click Connect
  4. Enter the Activation Key to the field and check it very carefull.
  5. Set Key is true
  6. Click Apply Key
  7. You should see the Activated option name in the log. window