Special KIA\HYUNDAI tool for working with CAN-Coder software


Main functions

  • CLU (Instrument cluster) EOL variant coding (car should support this function)
  • Reading\Writing CLU EEPROM for VDO\Continental clusters
  • Odometer calibration for VDO\Continental clusters
  • Service interaval and Service type programming
  • BCM functions programming (cars since 2018, for cars without ICU )




Hardware features

  • CAN bus channels: 1
  • USB interface: Virtual COM port, CDC class
  • Power: 5V via USB



  • Pin 6:  CAN-High
  • Pins 4 and 5:  GND
  • Pin 13:  LIN\K-Line (Default Pull up +12V)
  • Pin 14:  CAN-High
  • Pin 16:  +12V (For working with K-Line\Lin)


Connection with a car

If your car doesn’t have the ICU (CAN bus gateway) control unit – you can connect by the OBD2 diagnostic connector.

If your car have the ICU – you have to connect to the C-CAN databus directly. See this wiring diagramm:

C-CAN Connection on the ICU

C-CAN connection on the Instrument cluster

Be very careful! Check wiring diagramms!