Firmware flashing and option activation



For firmware flashing and option activation – use UBT utility.
UBT utility is located in the CARBUS Analyzer archive.

Connect your interface to the PC, run UBT and click Connect

1 Boot mode entering

  • Connect the interface to the PC
  • Run the UBT utility
  • Select a port and click Connect. You can see: Interface isn’t in BOOT mode.
  • Click Start Bootloader. 

2 Flashing

To flashing the firmware, click the REFLASH button and select the required firmware file.
The current firmware files are located in the UBT\Firmware files folder.
Once the file is selected, the firmware process begins. It must wait for it to end.

Firmware files for CH-P:

CH-P_xxxxxxxx_CANLIN_CR.bin  (CAN\LIN bus analyzer)
CODER_xxxxxxxx_CR.bin (it is the CAN-Coder  firmware)


3 Finish

  • Click Disconnect
  • Reconnect USB Cable


Recovery mode

If your device can’t entry to the Boot-mode: Disassemble the device and put a jumper between 2 and 3 pins.
Then connect your interface with UBT utility