How work with CAN-Hacker and single wire CAN on the Honda CR-V

HONDA CR-V has a single-wire CAN in the instrument cluster. This data bus used for connection between the immobilizer and the cluster. Honda Single-wire CAN has 33.333 kbit/s baudrate.



  1. Connect a CAN-Low line from CAN-Hacker to the GND
  2. Connect a CAN-High line from CAN-Hacker to the GMLAN
  3. Set 10kbit/s in the Settings->CAN-Baudrate. CAN-Hacker will understand 10 like 33.333 kbit/s
VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

CAN-Hacker Honda CR-V Single wire CAN bus

Press Connect

We can see data from the single wire CAN. This bus hac 29bit IDs. For example we can get odometer data.