I got a new instrument cluster from Lexus LX570 2016 for repair. So i’ve decide to research it via CAN bus.

CAN-Hacker LX570 can bus

I connected CAN-Hacker 3.0 and LAUNCH EasyDiag to the instrument cluster. I had one hour for research so i’m giving only CAN ID’s base:

0x0b4 Speed
0x1C4 Tachometer, first and second bytes. 6th byte is a CheckEngine indicator
0x396 Parking sensors

CAN-Hacker LX570 parktronic can bus

0x39E Transfer box
0x3B0 4th byte: External temperature

0x3B7 Indicators: ABS, TRC OFF, ESP, Parking brake
0x3BC 1th byte: PRNDL. Last byte: Transmission mode: comfort, sport etc.
0x3F9 If we send 0x44 on the 5th byte or 0xAA then we got CdY-4 or CdY-2  on the odo display. I don’t know what it is.

0x412 ADAS messages. Line departure warning.

0x427 TurnAssist indicators


I had 10 minutes left and i’ve dicided work with LAUNCH Easy Diag and sniff this process with   CAN-Hacker.

Lexus LX570 instrument cluster support programming:

  1. Display OFF time after Ignition OFF
  2. Passenger\Driver seat belt warning ON\OFF

We can do it with the easy diagnostic commands, for example:

Seat belt signal OFF:
0x7C0 DLC=8 DATA=03 3B A7 40 00 00 00 00

Seat belt signal ON:
0x7C0 DLC= 8 DATA=03 3B A7 C0 00 00 00 00

Besides this instrument cluster support a lot of tests. We can ON any indicators and we can move any arrows.

For example:

Set a speedometer arrow on 80 km\h:
We need to send this packet only:
0x7C0 DLC=8 DATA=04 30 01 00 04 00 00 00
Replace 04 to 08 and  the speedometer arrow will show 120 km\h

CAN-Hacker LX570 can bus speedometer

That’s all=) Following us!