How work with CAN-Hacker and  Toyota via CAN bus.

We have a Toyota Camry instrument cluster


And we want to connect with it via CAN bus. Where is CAN bus on the cluster?


The 6th pin of the transceiver is CAN-Low line and 7th pin is CAN-High

Now, we can connect CAN-Hacker and run utility.

Toyota CAN has speed=500kbit/s, select it in the Settings->CAN baudrate and press Connect.

We can see a CAN bus data stream


Try to send our data via CAN…


Packet with ID=0x0b4, DLC=8 and DATA=00 00 00 00 10 00 00  – is data from the ABS. This packet has information about vehicle’s speed. Then if we send this packet we can run the odometer


Besides, we can see the Odometer data on the CAN data stream