CAN-Hacker CH-P FDL2 kit for KIA\HYUNDAI programming


KIA\HYUNDAI CAN-FD programming interface


 Interface  for KIA\HYUNDAI programming via CAN\CAN-FD



  • CAN-Coder L2 option is activated by default !
  • Without CAN-FD\LIN Analyzer functions ! Theese software functions will be added soon!

Main functions:

  • Newest KIA\Hyundai CLU (Instrument cluster) EOL variant coding by OBD2
  • Reading\Writing a CLU EEPROM dump for VDO\Continental clusters
  • Odometer calibration for VDO\Continental clusters
  • Service interaval and Service type programming



Supported cars list


  • ICU Certification For working via the OBD2 diagnostic connector, it is necessary to start a certified session on the ICU Gateway tab.
  • EOL – Instrument cluster 16\32 bit EOL variant coding.
  • EEPROM – Instrument cluster EEPROM Reading\Writing.
  • ~EEPROM – Not all EEPROM areas are writable.
  • ODO – Odometer calibration. Depends on: cluster model, cluster firmware version, car production date.


  • GENESIS G70 IK                    2018…2019 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • GENESIS G70-II IK                2020…2021 (16-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • GENESIS GV70 JK1               2021 ( EOL, ICU Certification)
  • GENESIS G80 RG3                2021 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO, ICU Certification)
  • GENESIS GV80 JX1               2021 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO, ICU Certification)
  • HYUNDAI Accent                   2018…2021 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • HYUNDAI i20 BC3                 2021 (32-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • HYUNDAI Сreta  GS              2016…2020 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • HYUNDAI Сreta  SU2            2021…2022 Convenience (16-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • HYUNDAI Сreta  SU2            2021…2022 Supervision   (32-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • HYUNDAI Elantra CN7         2022 (16-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • HYUNDAI Palisade LX2       2021 (16-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • HYUNDAI SantaFe TM         2021 (16-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • HYUNDAI Solaris                   2018…2021 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • HYUNDAI Solaris                   2021…2022 (16-bit EOL, ~EEPROM)
  • HYUNDAI Sonata DN8         2021 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO, ICU Certification)
  • HYUNDAI Staria US4            2021 (32-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • HYUNDAI Tucson TL            2015…2020 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • HYUNDAI Tucson NX4         2020…2021 (32-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Carnival KA4                   2021 (16-bit\32-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Ceed CD                            2018  (16-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Ceed JD                            2016…2018  (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • KIA Mohave                             2022 (16-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Optima\K5                       2012  (EEPROM, ODO)
  • KIA Optima\K5  JF4              2016…2020 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • KIA Optima\K5  DL3             2020…2021 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Optima\K5  DL3             06.2021…2022 (16-bit EOL, ~EEPROM, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Rio FB                               2018…2021 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • KIA Rio FB                               2021…2022 (16-bit EOL, ~EEPROM)
  • KIA Seltos SP2                        2019…2021 (16-bit EOL, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Sportage QL                    2016…2020 Convenience (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • KIA Sportage QL                    2016…2020 Supervision (16-bit EOL)
  • KIA Sorento UM Prime         VDO\Continental,  (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO)
  • KIA Sorento UM USA           DENSO  (16-bit EOL)
  • KIA Sorento MQ4                  2020 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Sorento MQ4 2021        2021 (16-bit EOL, ~EEPROM, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Stinger CK                       2018…2020 (16-bit EOL, EEPROM, ODO, ICU Certification)
  • KIA Soul  SK3                         2018…2020 (16-bit EOL, ICU Certification)



  • Interface CAN-Hacker CH-P FDL1
  • CAN cable with crocodiles
  • LIN cable with crocodiles
  • KIA\HYUNDAI Instrument cluster cable for directed connection
  • OBD2 Cable
  • USB Cable


Supported software

  • CAN-Coder L2

Technical characteristics

  1. CAN-FD channels: 2
  2. LIN channels: 1
  3.  CAN-FD bitrate – 2 Mbit\s
  4. Software controlled 120 Ohm terminators
  5. Galvanic isolation
  6. Voltage range between CAN-High and CAN-Low:  -42….+42 V
  7. Strong Aluminium enclosure
  8. PC Connection: USB 2.0  Virtual COM Port, CDC
  9. Recommended OS: Windows 10


Due to the fact that the CAN-FD bus is currently in limited use and statistics for all automakers are not available, it is possible that the hardware features of the CH-P FDL2 interface will not be sufficient for other brands (not KIA HYUNDAI). But based on the implementation of the CAN-FD bus on KIA HYUNDAI cars the probability of such a problem is low.
In the first stage of sales, non-critical work errors are not excluded, they will be corrected as usage statistics are accumulated.
As part of its work with the Sorento MQ4, the device underwent comprehensive testing from November 2020 to March 2021. Not a single dashboard or car was hit.



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm