1. Technical support will be provided to the user only on working days and working hours. Working hours from 10 to 19 hours on Novosibirsk time. Time zone: Moscow+4 hours or GMT + 7 hours.
  2. To get technical support, the user contacts the e-mail info@spectartek.ru
  3. Technical support is provided only for current versions of the software.
  4. Technical support is provided only within the scope of the equipment and software described in the functional description.
  5. The user should describe in detail and competently his problem, hardware and software version of quipment, attach screen shoots, If the user works with a car or a part of the car, the user provides the year of manufacture, the model of the car,  point of connection of the CAN-Hacker equipment in the car or part of the car.If the user does not provide the required data, the administration may refuse to provide technical support.
  6. The user’s request is answered within one working day. For technically complex questions, the response time can be increased.
  7. The user confirms that he has the necessary qualifications and knowledge to work with the equipment and software presented on the site canhacker.ru and canhacker.com.
  8. The user undertakes to read the manual on the use of hardware and software on the website canhacker.ru as well as its technical description. The user is familiar with and accepts the described technical requirements for the working conditions of the hardware and software.
  9. The user agrees that in order to ensure compatibility of the software presented on the site canhacker.ru it may be necessary to use only the recommended operating system, remove incompatible software, use another personal computer.
  10. The user is solely responsible for the results (consequences) of work with software and equipment presented on the site canhacker.ru and canhacker.com.
  11. The administration of the site has the right to change the present rules of technical support without warning and agreement with the user.
  12. User has read and accepts the License agreement (RUS).